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ALMA NYC recently embarked on their first international outreach project partnered with Awareness Through Dance in London. 13 Dancers travelled to Africa on a life changing journey under ATD's 'Leap To The Peak' project. m


The teams fundraising efforts are currently at over $57,000 with an oustanding $18,00 needed to reach a target of $75,000. These funds will place an education system in Gourcy, Burkina Faso and complete the construction of the Bethel School which will educate over 1000 children. The team is supporting  Giving Africa in their mission to implement education systems in poverty stricken communities in Africa. a pa


For the first part of the project, the dancers teamed up with neuro scientists from Movement For Hope (A charity in the UK which raises awareness for neurological conditions) and also ANDREF (the African NeurologicaltDiseases Research Foundation) to help educate children about epilepsy through dance and visual arts. We were joined by Miss Kenya who has epilepsy herself and was keen to erase the stigma associated with neurological conditions in Africa. Our team donated various medical supplies we had bought from London to Kibera Slum clinic in Nairobi, Kibera is one of only two clinics who function under ANDREF. y and let your users know a little more about you.​


tIn addition, we worked with over 2000 children in various slums, schools and orphanages in the area, continuing to educate and empower through dance.  One of the most powerful moments for us was visiting the Children's Garden Orphanage where the children performed a show for our visit demonstrating their love for dance and performance art. Kelle Company (Minneapolis MN) donated over $1000 worth of costumes to the children so that their passion for performing continues to thrive. THANK YOU Kelle Company!

The next day Zanza Steinberg and company member Kelsey Emmett managed a fundraiser for the Orphanage in Nairobi, in collaboration with Yassin Mutati's dance company (Kenyas #1 latin dancer).

That evening our team raised $528 (over 14,000 Kenyan shillings!) for the Childrens Garden Orphanage and we were thrilled to have invited the children from the Orphanage to perform with us in their new costumes! m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

            Taking the Leap! 


The final part of  our Leap To The Peak project was in aid of Giving Africa, the construction of the Bethel School and was where all of our fundraising efforts had come together.


 13 dancers took on the challenge of sumitting Mount Kilimanjaro, the higest free standing mountain in the world. I'


The challenge took 7 days of physical and mental stength, sheer determination, and a little help knowing the lives of thousands of children and their families in Burkina Faso would be changed upon the completion of the project. With that, the entire team reached the 19,341ft peak together, virtually hand in hand (a rarity in itself!) 


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And be a part of our mission to change the world through dance.  









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